4 Inbound Marketing Case Studies

4 Inbound Marketing Case Studies

By Brianne Carlon RushMar 5 /2019

As digital marketing continues to grow and expand, industry experts realize they cannot simply focus on short-term goals. A proper digital marketing strategy cannot be tactic-driven, trying several small experiments then retreating when they do not work. Instead, these experts are channeling resources into long-term investments to secure their placement at the top. One such investment is inbound marketing.

A streamlined approach to inbound marketing allows you to target your audience and serve them with the information they are searching for. By increasing interest and brand awareness, you pull qualified leads into the pipeline and send them to your sales team when they are most ready to buy.

But taking your marketing in a new direction takes time, especially at a large company. With a one-, two- or even three-year vision in place, it is sometimes a good reminder that other companies in your industry have seen success with these long-term strategies. Here we take a look at four inbound marketing case studies to help keep your vision on track and your C-suite believing.

4 Inbound Marketing Case Studies to Inspire Results

Safety Device Manufacturer

Increased Website Traffic by 164% While Reducing Cost Per Conversion

Blackline Safety is a Calgary, Canada-based wireless location technology company that develops, manufactures and markets products and services for employee safety monitoring, lone worker monitoring and vehicle and asset tracking.

Kuno Creative and Blackline Safety collaborated to create an inbound marketing strategy through lead nurturing campaigns and a redesigned website. Retargeting ads were created to help with conversion rates and to support lead nurturing campaigns, while Google AdWords was used to drive more traffic and increase SEO. Using the Pardot software, Kuno Creative segmented email lists and distributed content to appeal to each persona at each stage of the buyer’s journey (awareness, consideration and decision-making stages).

After successfully launching an inbound marketing strategy for Blackline, the company saw the following impressive results:

  • Increase of website traffic by 164%
  • Decrease of cost per conversion by 2,047%
  • Conversions increased by 1,522% in 6 months


Facilities Management Software Provider

Updated UX and Content Strategy Drive Qualified Buyers to Website and Sales Team

iOFFICE is one of the fastest-growing workplace management solution providers in the United States. iOFFICE sought to develop customer relationships and target buyers with a multi-faceted approach.

The Kuno team and iOFFICE worked together to develop target personas that would ultimately be used to create content and a redesigned, user-friendly website. Email campaigns were implemented to further nurture qualified leads to then turn over to the sales team. iOFFICE was able to capitalize on what is working in real time by optimizing HubSpot software during the process.

Thanks to an improved website and content strategy, iOFFICE experienced an increase in key metrics:

  • Website leads increased by almost 50%
  • Marketing-to-sales qualified leads increased 83%
  • New customer acquisition increased 66%


Large Energy Supplier

Increased Traffic 419% and New Contacts 25% Through Strategic Content Marketing

The client is a leading competitive energy supplier serving two-thirds of the Fortune 100, with more than one million residential and 100,000 commercial customers. Though the company had strong brand recognition, it experienced low readership and engagement on its blog and website.

When the supplier reached out to Kuno for help, the team immediately started to improve the supplier’s content marketing strategy. Kuno Creative began by ramping up blogging efforts with the ultimate goal of doubling the company's content to eight posts per month. Blogs were based on insights Kuno uncovered during interviews with the company’s business development managers in various regions, as well as search data. In addition, the Kuno team developed more targeted regional newsletters and segmented emails to improve open rates. Kuno also tested various webinar, survey and event announcements to improve customer email engagement.

The energy supplier saw key results within the first year:

  • 419% increase in organic traffic
  • 75% increase in blog subscribers
  • Over 2,000 new business contacts


Medical Device Manufacturer

Digital Marketing Relationship Helps Attract and Convert Buyers, Increase Customers by 1,100%

As a medical manufacturer, this company relied on traditional sales methods: trade shows, in-person events and distribution partners. And while the company found success for more than 100 years, the sales landscape began to change.

The company reached out to Kuno to ramp up its digital marketing efforts. Partnering with Kuno Creative helped this manufacturer capitalize on the power of content marketing and the HubSpot Marketing and Sales software. While the consistent creation of content helps attract, convert and nurture leads, the software also allows the sales and marketing teams to track prospects’ interests and engagement levels.

This has led to a substantial increase in website traffic, leads and customers year-over-year, and the company has started forming its own relationships with buyers. After allocating 70 percent of its marketing budget to inbound marketing efforts, this manufacturer saw a fruitful return on investment:

  • 600% increase in marketing qualified leads
  • 1,100% increase in customers
  • 286% increase in landing page submissions

The key takeaway? It takes time, but testing strategies and building up your inbound marketing plan is the first step toward achieving your long-term goals. Ready to get started?

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The Author

Brianne Carlon Rush

Brianne works with Fortune 500 clients to strategize digital marketing efforts that help sales teams close deals faster. Additionally, she focuses on Kuno’s sales and marketing alignment and employee empowerment. Prior to Kuno, Brianne helped market OverDrive, the leading digital reading platform for libraries and schools, and was the youngest person to be promoted to managing editor position at MacFadden Performing Arts Media in NYC.