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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Inbound Marketing Cost With Kuno Creative?

People ask us all the time about our inbound marketing services pricing. Today’s digital marketing requires a nimble, flexible approach to changing dynamics in the marketplace and quick adjustments to take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities. At the beginning of an engagement with Kuno, you might want to make your website more responsive and easier to use. Or you might want to discover who your most likely buyers are and their interests, then craft a content strategy to attract and convert them into sales leads. Or you might want to budget more to promote new products or events or to make adjustments based on performance relative to goals.

That’s why a simple formula approach may not be what you need as your inbound marketing strategy changes.
Fixed-price packages may be predictable and easy to compare across agencies, but they seldom reveal the value of what an agency can deliver. Our approach is more modern and a better fit to today’s marketing challenges. We work with you to identify goals, processes in place, challenges, timing requirements, internal resources and budget. Then we design a program that makes sense for you and helps you achieve your goals in a measurable, accountable way.

Yes, but how much do these customized inbound marketing programs typically cost per month?

Here are some typical price ranges for the major components of our website design and inbound marketing programs. Prices may vary by the scope of each component. We discuss progress and results with you every month, and with your approval, services and prices may change to meet new demands or to accelerate results. Your marketing services and budget adjust as your strategy evolves. Click each service in the schedule below to learn more about Kuno’s approach and deliverables:


How Long Are Service Periods with Kuno Creative

  • For inbound marketing services: 12- 36 months
  • For inbound marketing website design: 4 - 12 months

What If I Just Want a Web Design?

A redesigned website is a good start to augment your sales and marketing results, but ask yourself this: what am I going to do to generate more qualified sales leads? A new website won't do that for you.

That's where inbound marketing and demand generation come in. We want to make sure your website and content strategy are optimized for search engines. Then we create targeted inbound and inbound/outbound campaigns designed to attract qualified leads and nurture them into customers. Can your website do that? That's why we like to build websites on the HubSpot COS and build comprehensive inbound marketing programs for our customers. Then our value (and yours) can be measured.

Having said that, if you have inbound marketing programs in place and simply want to bring your website up to speed with the rest of your marketing strategy, we're happy to help. See above for rough pricing and timeframes. Actual scope will depend on what you have in mind for a ready-to-go website and your plans for supporting it to keep it fresh and performing at its peak.

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