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Demand Generation

demand generation

Fill your sales funnel with likely buyers

Locating and attracting qualified prospects is no easy task. There is plenty of competition for their attention, and attention spans are short. Traditional outbound techniques, including TV and radio advertising, direct mail, call centers and trade shows, can be very expensive on a per-lead basis and are becoming less likely to connect as consumers continue to find new ways to block and avoid them. On the Internet, people are inundated with email, PPC and social media advertising every day, so grabbing a share of their attention and interest is challenging at best.

The modern demand generation strategy has three essential components:

  1. Content marketing – publishing and sharing relevant, timely content in places where buyers are likely to be, such as blog feeds, content curation sites and social networks (learn more)
  2. Lead generation campaigns – emails sent to opted-in, segmented lists that invite buyers to download or sign up for top-funnel content and PPC or social media campaigns with the same purpose
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO) – a combination of content marketing, paid search and on-page optimization designed to make specific landing pages become the most relevant search result for buyer-targeted keywords

The most important element of all is coordinating these components so they exactly match buyer desires for information in the various online venues they frequent. It is virtually impossible to know all of these factors in advance, so modern demand generation is all about testing and optimizing conversion rates.

The challenge is finding internal resources

It can be a challenge for businesses to consistently "prime the pump" through demand generation. Your digital marketing staff must be proactive with new content, new approaches and an eye for optimizing results for every email, PPC ad, social media ad, call-to-action and landing page.

We are known for coming up with creative ideas for emails, online ads and social media ads and promoting them via blogs and social media. Our team of experienced inbound marketers and social media managers works with you to brainstorm, create and promote campaigns designed to attract new, qualified prospects into the top of your sales funnel. We do this by following a well defined demand generation process:

  • Identify target personas and buyer stages
  • Create and manage a demand generation calendar
  • Optimize demand generation content for targeted SEO keywords
  • Create and manage email marketing campaigns
  • Create calls-to-action and landing pages
  • Create banner ads and social media ads
  • Promote demand generation campaigns via blogs and social media
  • Utilize marketing automation to launch and monitor campaigns
  • A/B testing of emails, landing pages, calls-to-action and PPC ads
  • Integrate demand generation campaigns with lead nurturing
  • Analysis, revision and retesting to optimize conversion rates