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6 Key Lessons From 6 Months of Webinar Content Marketing

Kuno Creative
Posted by Kuno Creative

Megan Hannay, head of content for Citation Labs, shares the lessons she learned about webinar content marketing:

Last fall at Citation Labs, CEO Garrett French and I made a goal to hold one webinar per month, and we’ve kept this promise for six months and counting. I come from a B2C social media background, and Garrett comes from link building; neither of us had much webinar creation or promotion experience. So we did what newbies do best—we dove right in.

Sometimes we had guest hosts and interviewees; sometimes Garrett spoke solo. Sometimes we planned content ahead of time, and sometimes we used our webinar as a “brainstorm session” with participants. The past six months have already taught us much about video event promotion and strategy, and I’ve summed up some of our favorite learnings to share here.

How to Do SEO in 2015 [Infographic]

Dan Stasiewski
Posted by Dan Stasiewski

Penguin. Panda. Pigeon. Phantom. Navigating the constant pace of Google algorithm updates makes SEO in 2015 a much harder game to play. But companies and individuals who are producing high-quality branded content on a consistent basis are the ones that have the edge in terms of search visibility. 

How to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Your Visitors

Dan Romanski
Posted by Dan Romanski

Landing pages. We’ve all seen them; we’ve all used them; and I am willing to bet there is a large number of us who have built a lot of them. But have you ever taken a step back to look at a landing page from a visitor’s perspective?

When you are receiving 50,000+ visitors a month, having a landing page that resonates with your visitor is key at increasing conversions and allowing you to begin the lead nurturing process.  Your landing page may be the very first thing your visitors see, and getting it right may be the difference between gaining a client or seeing them bounce.

Since this is the case, it is important you take your visitors into account when building your landing pages.

Here are three ways to better optimize your landing pages for your visitors.

How the Marketing Technology Unicorns Go to Market

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

According to Scott Brinker, there are currently 29 "unicorns" in the marketing technology, or "MarTech," space. That is to say that there are 29 companies valued at more than $1 billion and under 25 years of age. That's a lot of power in a pretty crowded space. Names like HubSpot and Marketo are familiar to inbound marketers, of course, but there are plenty of other SaaS tools used regularly by marketers and growing like weeds in your backyard. There's a lot of debate about how these mostly privately funded players will do in the next 2-3 years. Will they do an IPO like Marketo and HubSpot did, or will they continue to grow with private equity until a bigger fish comes along? More interesting to me, how will they grow revenues and EBITDA rapidly enough to satisfy investors and attract potential suitors?

Top 5 Micro Conversions Every Manufacturing Company Should Monitor

Carrie Dagenhard
Posted by Carrie Dagenhard

Pop quiz time! True or False: The only way to measure the effectiveness of your website in driving leads is through contact form submissions and completed sales.

Answer: So false it hurts. But, don’t worry if you answered “true.” You’re certainly not alone, and that’s why we’re here to help.

3 Tips to Turn Healthcare News into Helpful Marketing Content

Kuno Creative
Posted by Kuno Creative

In some ways, healthcare is an especially tricky industry for marketers. You have to worry about strict regulations and controversial topics. But one particular area can be a boon to healthcare content marketers: news.

Content Marketing Lessons From the Food Babe

Annie Zelm
Posted by Annie Zelm

As a nutritionist, "Food Babe" Vani Hari's credentials are questionable. She's neither a dietitian nor someone with a health or science background; she's a consultant who came down with appendicitis and decided it must have been a reaction to toxic chemicals in her diet. 

5 Dangerous Content Marketing Myths You Need to Know

Carrie Dagenhard
Posted by Carrie Dagenhard

If the internet has taught us anything, it’s believing everything you read can be incredibly damaging. For example, lots of people found out the hard way you can’t charge your phone by putting it in the microwave, and there’s [probably] no mysterious Nigerian billionaire who has named you the sole heir to his fortune.

Is Blogging for Healthcare Organizations Worth It?

Brianne Carlon Rush
Posted by Brianne Carlon Rush

You’ve heard it before: blogging is good for your brand. In fact, 82 percent of marketers who blog see positive ROI for their content marketing-driven efforts. But you just aren’t sure investing in a blog for your healthcare organization is the best move.

You have a lot of questions. That’s valid. But we’re here to say blogging for healthcare is worth it. Here are a few of your top healthcare blogging questions asked and answered: