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These 6 Hospitals Are Pioneering New Content Marketing Formats

Kristen Hicks
Posted by Kristen Hicks

When hospitals start doing inbound marketing, one of the first steps most take is to start a blog. Blogging is undoubtedly an important part of any hospital content marketing effort. It’s a great way to produce fresh, valuable content that both people and search engines like.

5 Google AdWords Changes That Will Improve Your Advertising

Shaun Kanary
Posted by Shaun Kanary

Google announced some exciting changes to its PPC platform known as AdWords at a recent developers conference. While the demise of pay-per-click advertising has been hyped in the last few years, the new changes to Google’s advertising platform will help advertisers achieve important business objectives. These Google AdWords changes range from making ads more prominent to the way that Google measures an advertisement’s performance. We’ll take a look at the most important changes, and how they can help improve your business.

Why Lead Management Is Critical to Sales and CRM Success

Kuno Creative
Posted by Kuno Creative

Lead generation is a critical part of keeping your pipeline fresh and filled with new prospects.

But 50 percent or more of your leads aren’t going to want to talk to your sales team out of the gate, and many of them never will!

Enter lead management—a strategy for nurturing leads who aren’t ready to buy.

From generating leads through marketing campaigns and capturing their information to filtering and grading your contacts to following up with leads through drip marketing campaigns, lead management is crucial to your sales and customer relationship management (CRM) success.

6 Tips For Making Your Paid Media More Effective

Kuno Creative
Posted by Kuno Creative

Whether you’re initiating Facebook ad campaigns or distributing your content on Outbrain, paid media is a great tool for getting noticed in an increasingly noisy online world.

What to Look for in an Inbound Marketing Agency

Kristen Hicks
Posted by Kristen Hicks

You know inbound marketing requires a lot of time and work. You know this because your team is currently feeling the strain. Hiring and training new employees to help pick up the slack would take even more time, work and money. You’re starting to face the truth that you need help.

How to Use CRM Tasks to Keep Your Team Engaged

Jackie Van Meter
Posted by Jackie Van Meter

As you implement the perfect CRM and encourage your team to adopt it, you get closer and closer to an influx of opportunities and a shorter sales cycle.

Many variables can help you refine your sales workflow. But something as simple as CRM tasks can have a profound effect on the performance of your sales reps. When used correctly, these tasks can help your team stay engaged and on the right track.

Let’s explore how to use CRM tasks to keep your team firing on all cylinders.

11 Ways Your Paid Media Campaign Could Go Wrong

Jackie Van Meter
Posted by Jackie Van Meter

Paid media is an important source of traffic, especially when you’re looking to stand out in an increasingly noisy online world.

6 Easy Ways to Fix Common Lead Scoring Issues

Jackie Van Meter
Posted by Jackie Van Meter

A lead score helps you determine the sales-readiness of individual leads. This, in turn, allows your sales team to operate at peak efficiency, wasting less time on leads who still need to be nurtured and aren’t ready for the sales process.

How to Gather Data For Your Next Website Redesign

Jarrick Cooper
Posted by Jarrick Cooper

According to HubSpot, 38 percent of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.


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