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3 Data-Backed Insights for High Performing Business Websites

Karen Taylor
Posted by Karen Taylor

Did you know that today’s ever-expanding popularity of apps, games and the Internet of Things is changing consumers’ opinions of your website? In fact, these digital experiences are becoming so sophisticated that consumers are expecting great customer experiences everywhere they go online—including your site.

Top Reasons for High Bounce Rates and How to Fix Them

Lara Berendt
Posted by Lara Berendt

The last thing you want visitors to think when they arrive on your website is “Nope.” You want them to be interested, engaged and driven to explore your content and your brand.

5 Common Miscues When Setting Up a CRM

Sandy Moore
Posted by Sandy Moore

We are all constantly on the watch for new ways to streamline and automate processes within our organizations. One area for improvement is coordinating with your sales team.

6 Superior Examples of the Best SaaS Websites

Callie Hinman
Posted by Callie Hinman

You know the saying, "Never trust a skinny chef"? Well, we have another one: "Never trust a SaaS provider with a subpar site." It's a big red flag for buyers if a company that offers software as a service (SaaS) has a poorly executed website.

We took a look at IDG Connect's 2016 list of "20 Red-Hot, Pre-IPO Companies" and compared each business' site, choosing six we felt had an overall good design, but that also had some small opportunities for improvement. Read on to see the pros and cons of each and how software companies can create one of the best SaaS websites.

6 Reasons Email Marketing is Still an Effective Tool

Callie Hinman
Posted by Callie Hinman

For some reason, "older" has become synonymous with "obsolete." But this is not always the case. For example, did you know today's LCD screens are based on technology from 1968? It's true.

3 Ways to Create Extraordinary Content

Karen Taylor
Posted by Karen Taylor

Every minute of every day our world is flooded with a new wave of content. In the latest version of its popular infographic, Domo provides a glimpse of the mind-boggling quantity of content published every 60 seconds. Twitter users send 347,222 tweets every minute. YouTube users upload 300 hours of video. Pinterest users pin 9,722 images.

8 Examples of Awesome Content From Real Healthcare Blogs

Kuno Creative
Posted by Kuno Creative

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your healthcare website is to publish a blog. A blog will help you engage your patients or buyers and showcase expertise in your field. In the process, you can instill trust and build strong relationships. Ultimately, this could result in more business for your healthcare organization. How? B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67 percent more leads than those that do not.

Create a High Performing Website with Progressive Enhancement

Jackie Van Meter
Posted by Jackie Van Meter

What does it take to create a high-performing website?

Is it a matter of integrating the latest technology, being mobile-friendly or using more visuals?

It’s all of those things, but, ultimately, it’s about creating a universal experience for your website visitors, no matter what screen they’re using to view your website.

With a progressive enhancement strategy, the core functionality remains intact on a smaller screen. On larger screens, additional functionality becomes available. Both experiences are ultimately pleasing to the end user.

Let’s take a look at how you can use this approach to continually improve your business website.

How Can You Make Content Marketing Economical Today?

Kristen Hicks
Posted by Kristen Hicks

Content marketing no longer feels like an option for businesses—it’s a necessity. To compete digitally (and so much of business now depends on digital success), you need to produce quality content that helps your audience find and connect with you.


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