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Best Practices for Leveraging YouTube in B2B Marketing

Barb Schmitz
Posted by Barb Schmitz

We all know adding pictures to content helps grab peoples’ attention. Well, adding video amps up engagement even more. Videos convey more than just information—they convey emotion—and purchasing decisions typically don’t come down to logic but a feeling, as well. Yes, even B2B purchasing decisions.

Google Makes it Easier to Share Videos with YouTube Capture

Dan Romanski
Posted by Dan Romanski

An iOS app released last year but just now receiving a lot of attention is Google’s, YouTube Capture. This app allows anybody with an iPhone or iPod Touch to record in-the-moment video and post it straight to YouTube. They can even share it via Google+, Twitter and Facebook without ever leaving the app. Users are also able to upload videos from their camera roll to the site. Here, we take a look at the new app and its ability to share our videos, whether they are for business or pleasure. 

Whiteboard Video Scribing, a Compelling Content Marketing Tool

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

Back in the day, I used to love to be called up to the blackboard in school. Not because I knew the answer or wanted to show off my artistic skills, but because it helped me to think and communicate on my feet. Years later, whether I was selling ideas to my co-workers or products to potential inbound marketing clients, there was no better tool than a flip chart or whiteboard to close the deal. Why? Because words and images are twice as powerful together as they are apart. Now that nearly everything we do has an online component, why wouldn't we take advantage of the same communication tool—whiteboard videos—to tell our stories and explain complicated subjects?

11 Simple SEO Steps for YouTube Video Optimization

Chad Pollitt
Posted by Chad Pollitt

Deploying on-page SEO for video assets on YouTube is pretty straight forward once a primary keyword phrase is defined. It’s also a critical step for getting videos to show up in blended searches on Google while providing yet another SEO tactic for inbound marketers. Following the below steps will give videos the best shot at ranking well on YouTube and Google. Ultimately however, the quality of the content in the video will give it the best shot for ranking well.

11 Ways to Promote Your Event Using Social Media & Inbound Marketing

Chad Pollitt
Posted by Chad Pollitt

No matter the size or prominence of the event you’re putting on or participating in, promoting it via the internet has lots of advantages. Often times there is little to no cost and the event has the potential of going viral and reaching millions of people. 

Smile, Camera, Action! Using Video for Inbound Marketing

Chris Knipper
Posted by Chris Knipper

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless, particularly when you're talking about inbound marketing campaigns. Everyone's familiar with the speed at which a video can go viral on YouTube. Teen heart throb Justin Bieber owes his mega-star fame to home videos of the young crooner posted on YouTube by his mom. Scottish singer Susan Boyle became a worldwide overnight sensation when a video of her Britain's Got Talent performance went viral. Celebrities and celebrity-wanna-bes have made adept use of Internet video sites like YouTube to promote themselves and claim their 15 minutes of fame. Post a catchy video on YouTube that catches viewers' attention and you can put yourself in the spotlight again and again.

Go On a Social Media Safari!

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

Please keep your hands and feet inside the 'Rover. We'll be seeing some of the best known residents of the Internhetti Plain today, so keep your cameras ready for these social media denizens.

Inbound Marketer's Handbook - Introduction

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

This is the first chapter in our Inbound Marketer's Handbook, a complete guide to Inbound Marketing for small businesses. Here we introduce you to the topic and describe the purpose and scope of the Handbook.

Inbound Marketing Journal - Make a Splash

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

We just released our Inbound Marketer's Handbook, a free download for small businesses. This is our first example of "making a splash", providing real, valuable content with no charge or other obligation. It's a key component of Inbound Marketing.


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