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How Inbound Marketing Agencies Develop Value-Based Pricing

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

You're ready to get started with inbound marketing. You've done your homework, attended workshops and webinars and now you're thinking about hiring an inbound marketing agency to get things rolling. Maybe it's too early to build your own team and you're not certain how to hire the right people and deploy the best technology. Maybe Senior Management isn't on board yet and you need to demonstrate ROI for inbound marketing to get full buy-in.

These are great reasons to hire an agency, but which agency? How do you evaluate them to get the best value and a partner you can trust to accomplish your goals? There will be a number of important factors to consider, but the one that may get your attention first is price. How do inbound marketing agencies price their services, and more to the point, how can you compare them to pick the right agency for you?

Social Media and the Value of Controlling the Conversation

Andrew Osegi
Posted by Andrew Osegi

Social media marketing must be justified. At the end of the day, social admins must show how their efforts affected a client, or a company’s, bottom line. Testing, timing and targeting are integral in social management, but the real questions remains: How do we give value to the fleeting micro engagements that make up social media interaction?

5 Steps for Measuring Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)

Shannon Barnes
Posted by Shannon Barnes

The days of tracking performance merely by page hits, site visits and unique visitors is a distant memory. While these basic metrics are easy to track and report, they fail to show marketing’s contribution to the bottom line. Marketers are now under more pressure than ever to prove return on investment (ROI). And while marketers support the idea of data-driven decisions, significant gaps exist between desire and execution. The question often is not necessarily why, but how.

5 Common Myths About Social Media Marketing Busted

Chad Pollitt
Posted by Chad Pollitt

Social media as a marketing channel is beginning to show signs of maturity. The tools marketers can use to deploy and monitor campaigns are getting more robust, functional, integrated and powerful.  Strategies for social media marketing success are becoming more tried and true by the day. However, many misperceptions about social media marketing persist and continue to be evangelized by the species known as Expertum Social Medium.

Get More Likes from Sponsored Stories with 1 Simple Tip

Vanessa Knipper
Posted by Vanessa Knipper

Are CMOs Still Digitally Naive?

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

No, it's not a typo in the title. While most marketers are busy transforming themselves into digital natives, Chief Marketing Officers are dragging their feet. According to Marketing Daily, a recent IBM survey of 1700 CMOs around the world showed some surprising results. We might assume that those people responsible for steering the marketing ship would also be first adopters and change advocates. Quite the contrary.

How to Read Your Social Media Balance Sheet

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

OK for most of us it's the end of the 3rd quarter and for many it's the end of the fiscal year. Time to peruse the balance sheet and check out our corporate health or lack thereof. Did you know that your CFO also keeps a social media balance sheet? Alright, maybe not, but your CMO certainly should. Here's how to read one.

Minimum Activity Levels for Inbound Marketing ROI

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

One of the most common questions we hear from clients and other inbound marketing agencies is "how much effort do we need to generate positive return on investment from inbound marketing?" Clients want to know how much to budget and when to expect to achieve their business goals. Agencies want to know how much to charge their clients and what resources are required to get the job done.

The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - LinkedIn Leads, Corporate Speak and ROI Sabotage

Roman Kniahynyckyj
Posted by Roman Kniahynyckyj

Happy Sunday, inbound marketing friend. How is your NFL preseason coming? In Cleveland, our foray into the west coast (offense) is off to a good start. Fingers crossed here. Red Right 88, The Drive, and The Fumble remind me that every ray of hope has some association with a dark cloud. No, it's not negativity - just reality -we love you, Cleveland.


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