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4 Pinterest Do’s for B2B Social Media Marketers

Courtney Moser
Posted by Courtney Moser

Pinterest has rapidly become one of the top social media sites, and since it launched it’s business accounts, more and more companies have been using it to grow their audiences. If you read my previous post, you know there are several don’ts for B2B Pinterest accounts, but you may not know the best practices for gaining a significant following. Here, we show you how to increase your Pinterest followers and, thus, your potential clients with our list of do’s.

Pinterest: What B2B Social Media Marketers Are Doing Wrong

Courtney Moser
Posted by Courtney Moser

If you read Marketing Director Vanessa's blog "3 Ways to Expand Your B2C Inbound Marketing Reach with Pinterest," you already know creating a Pinterest account can increase the number of potential customers your brand reaches. Now that Pinterest has introduced its business accounts, more and more B2B companies are joining the Pinterest party, and for them, it's important to not only join, but to set their brands apart.

Pinterest’s Latest Change Set to Better Businesses

Justine Timoteo
Posted by Justine Timoteo

My relationship with Pinterest is that like any other— ever-changing. I remember distinctly when I first learned of the photo-sharing website (on Twitter, no less) and knew I just had to score an invite during its beta testing stage to become a user. I learned how to create my boards and have been pinning numerous recipes, outfits and workouts ever since.  Formats, capabilities, and number of users continue to change and grow, but it wasn’t until I started working at Kuno that I looked at Pinterest from a business standpoint. Then, last month, Pinterest introduced its latest development: Pinterest for Business. 

3 Brand Marketing Holiday Shopping Pinterest Trends

Lisa Gulasy
Posted by Lisa Gulasy

Pinterest, “the out-of-nowhere social network” as CNN writer John D. Sutter dubbed it, is on many people’s minds this holiday season. And it’s not just consumers scheming how to stealthily pin gift ideas for friends and family on (gasp!) only three secret boards who are utilizing the photo centric social media platform. Big brand marketers, too, are scrambling to build Pinterest brand pages in time for holiday shopping.

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: April 29, 2012

Brianne Carlon Rush
Posted by Brianne Carlon Rush

From Social Media, to Content Marketing to Lead Nurturing, we have really spanned the gamut of inbound marketing this week. Find out how to clean up your marketing act, incorporate easy JavaScript code and utilize Facebook’s Timeline for Business. You will also get a better understanding of online lead nurturing and Google’s “over-optimization” penalty. Finally, don’t forget to pin and vote in our first ever Pinterest contest! Read on!

What's Your Favorite Inbound Marketing Website? - Pin It Today!

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

Many of you are probably wondering if Pinterest has any practical marketing value. In many ways like Facebook, Pinterest seems like a personal social media site where you share photos and graphics of your favorite people, places and things. Why not put it to good use in a business/marketing sense? Here's an idea - a poll/contest to find great examples from the user community.

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: April 15, 2012

Brianne Carlon Rush
Posted by Brianne Carlon Rush

There was so much information this week on the Kuno Blog that we suppose we understand if you didn’t get to every word. But now is your chance to make it up to us. You’ll find out how to make the most of customer loyalty, justify a content marketing strategy, and increase lead generation with LinkedIn. You’ll learn even more about Twitter and Facebook, how to kick your website into shape for summer and so much more. Read on!

Spammers have Finally Joined the Pinterest Party

Chad Pollitt
Posted by Chad Pollitt

Is it naïve to think that for once we might have a popular social media site that isn’t riddled with spam? Yes, unfortunately, it is naïve. Today, I received my first Pinterest spam. Have you been hit yet? If not, prepare for it. The spam is coming sooner than you think. All it takes is for some black hat programmer to build an automated way to post and tag on Pinterest. Once this happens (it may have already) the flood gates will be open.

Pin This: 8 Pinterest Alternatives for Niche Inbound Marketing

Dan Stasiewski
Posted by Dan Stasiewski

Pinterest may not be the next Facebook or even the next Twitter, but the hottest social photo sharing platform could be the next Groupon. Like that daily deals site that helped revolutionize social commerce, Pinterest’s simple idea is way too easy to replicate. But the site’s legacy will be reinventing photo curation, so much so that the social photo sharing website Flickr is following Pinterest’s lead.


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