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How to Get Started with Marketing Automation

Posted by Dan Stasiewski

So you have a database of a few thousand contacts. Every month you send those contacts a nice email newsletter with little bits of information. Maybe when you’re going to a tradeshow, you decide to send out an email that invites current and potential customers to your booth. All great touches, but guiding the buyer’s journey in our content-driven world isn’t as straightforward as scheduling occasional emails. Instead, there’s a courtship that needs to take place between buyers and sellers. This is where marketing automation comes in.

7 Dos and Don'ts of Marketing Automation

Posted by Meghan Sullivan

As I’m sure you do, I have quite a list of marketing folks I’ve been following for years in social media. That smart group of people has been integral in helping me learn and shift from a more traditional marketing mindset to digital, and, ultimately, to inbound. Over the years, it’s been interesting to watch generally accepted ideas become outdated, or new topics hotly debated.

Four Dimensional Content Mapping

Posted by John McTigue

Last week, I introduced the concept of Four Dimensional Lead Scoring, in which leads are no longer given a single score that must be dissected and interpreted, but rather assigned four qualifiers relating to Buyer Persona, Buyer Journey, Engagement and Velocity. At any time, a sales rep or marketer can look at a color-coded 4D snapshot of a lead and decide what to do next. Let's take that a step further now and address that "what to do next" idea. If we think about the buyer journey as a linear progression, what we normally do is create a content map that delivers appropriate content to buyer personas as they naturally progress through the sales funnel (i.e. in a straight line and often at arbitrary time intervals). What if we could be a bit more personalized and "agile" as our leads engage with us?

Email, Marketing Automation and the New Buyer's Journey

Posted by Meghan Sullivan

With more digital tactics available to marketers today, one immediately starts to wonder which ones are most effective and which ones have fallen out of date. Despite claims email is dead, or that social media marketing has stolen the spotlight from email, it’s simply not true. According to Custora, email customers have a 12 percent higher value than social media customers, and Forrester has found almost a third of repeat customers are initiated by email contact. So, if you’ve been told you should cut back on your email marketing efforts in order to invest resources in other channels, evidence points to the contrary.

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Goals, Motives and Tactics

Posted by John McTigue

I think we can probably all agree by now that Sales and Marketing could be and should be more aligned, more in tune with each other's strategy, messaging and metrics. That's all well and good, but it's kind of like saying football and basketball players should learn to work together. They come from different sides of the tracks with different goals, motives and tactics. Let's explore some of the more challenging obstacles to "alignment" and see what we can do to overcome them.

The Importance of Negative Lead Scoring

Posted by Dan Stasiewski

When we think of lead scoring, it’s easy to get caught up in making a qualified lead’s score higher. After all, sales wants to be able to know at a glance if a lead is worth their time, and the higher the lead score the better you look as a marketer, right?

3 Advanced Lead Nurturing Tactics for Enterprise Marketers

Posted by Guest Blogger

In an age where consumers receive 5,000 marketing messages a day, your prospects don’t want irrelevant emails. They want, as Seth Godin puts it, “me-mail.” If you provide highly targeted messages to leads making their way through your sales funnel, they’ll be a lot more likely to listen to what you have to say, and may ultimately purchase. The benefits of segmenting your email list are clear. Studies have found that list segmentation can improve open rates 39 percent and lower opt-outs by 28 percent. When more segments are combined with an already sophisticated lead-nurturing program, your enterprise will be virtually unstoppable. Consider the following statistics:

Forget 80/20: Here’s a 50/50 Rule for Marketing Automation

Posted by Dan Stasiewski

Marketing automation has the potential to increase efficiency of marketing and sales activities, as well as generate more revenue from your marketing investment. But there’s one thing that holds back every marketing automation program or campaign: creative production.

How Do I Gather Lead Intelligence for Marketing Automation?

Posted by Dan Stasiewski

A few weeks ago, I mentioned persona-based lead scoring was the most valuable part of any marketing automation strategy. But this brought up a good question: How do you gather this essential lead intelligence for automation? The answer is simple: create high-quality content.