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How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn Using HubSpot's Ads Tool

Andrew Osegi
Posted by Andrew Osegi

Consistently generating qualified leads through LinkedIn can be tremendously rewarding for companies looking to reach, grow and eventually own their target audience, but this is a feat easier said than done.

When set up correctly, Sponsored LinkedIn campaigns can generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs) that are hot and ready for your sales team to pursue. In this blog, I hope to show you how to use HubSpot to generate leads on LinkedIn through strategic testing and optimization. You will need time, money, a keen eye and the right tools to conquer this content marketing beast—so listen up!

The Power of LinkedIn In Healthcare Marketing

Annie Zelm
Posted by Annie Zelm

If you still think LinkedIn is only useful to job-seekers and employers looking to hire, consider these eye-opening statistics the network recently reported:

How to Promote Your LinkedIn Business Page Using Your Personal Profile

Kuno Creative
Posted by Kuno Creative

When you get started with a business page for LinkedIn, it can often be challenging to build up the page in followers and content. Leveraging your personal LinkedIn profile and that of other professionals within your company is a great way to give your LinkedIn business pages a big boost. Here, we focus on tips and strategies you can use to help increase the exposure of your business page.

Why You're Not Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Business Page

Guest Blogger
Posted by Guest Blogger

Social media networking has become one of any business’ most powerful tools for generating leads and conversions. Its power wholly depends on your ability to use it effectively. You may already have a page or handle set up, but mere existence is unlikely to generate much in the way of customer attention or sales. Consider the items below and implement them into your LinkedIn gameplan to ensure your page doesn’t just exist—it dominates.

7 Must-Dos When Updating Your LinkedIn Business Profile

Guest Blogger
Posted by Guest Blogger

You know the benefits of promoting your business on social media and have set up an attractive and informative LinkedIn page for your business. And that’s a good thing. But don’t think you can sit back and watch your business grow as a result. Your LinkedIn business profile needs to be as dynamic and current as your business if you want it to drive more customers to your website and help convince them to spend money once they’re there.

Why No Longer Having LinkedIn Products & Services Pages Is A Good Thing

Dan Stasiewski
Posted by Dan Stasiewski

If you logged onto your LinkedIn company page in the past few days, you probably saw a notification saying, “On April 14th, 2014, the Products & Services tab will be discontinued.” Much digital ink has been spilt over the value of these pages in the past, optimizing them and enhancing them. These pages, however, kept the focus of our social media marketing efforts on our products rather than solutions to customer problems.

Now, the No. 1 social media site for corporate website traffic is forcing marketers to enter into the New Age of Customer Communication, whether we want to or not. And that’s a good thing.

Product Vs. Solution

One of the main tenants of both social media and content marketing is that you should focus on providing solutions to customer problems. That’s how you become a thought leader in your industry. More importantly, it’s also how you develop a relationship with current and potential customers in the age of information consumers.

LinkedIn’s Product & Services pages were all about you, though. They gave you an opportunity to showcase your work on a social media channel, while leaving other key ingredients to successful LinkedIn marketing behind.

On the flip side, if you were doing inbound marketing correctly, you were probably ignoring these pages in favor of more customer-focused social media and content marketing updates. LinkedIn Product & Services pages were left to stagnate as you created more relevant content. It’s enough to have to update your corporate website product and services pages without having to add another area for constant maintenance.

Now that the pages are set to be retired, marketers who focused on Products & Services on LinkedIn have to reconsider their approach to maintaining their LinkedIn Company Pages. And for those of us who were already creating solution-focused content for customers, we have one less product-focused content area to worry about.

LinkedIn Publishing For The Win

Over the past couple years, LinkedIn has gone from being a place to connect with contacts to a place for engaging with contacts with content. Content marketing is where LinkedIn sees its future, and it has been all-in since it updated its iPad app to a magazine style reader almost two years ago. So it’s not a coincidence LinkedIn has decided to retire Product & Service pages just as it opened up its publishing platform.

LinkedIn’s new open publishing platform provides employees at any company the opportunity to engage users with new, fresh content rather than stale product information. It has already made steps in this direction by launching content-heavy Showcase pages, too. But the difference here is putting people, not products or brand, out in front.

What could this mean for Company pages? Rather than simply pushing out brand updates, LinkedIn could be positioning Company and Showcase pages to be hubs for employee-generated, personally branded content.

How Do You Get Started With LinkedIn Publishing?

It’s simple really. All you have to do is fill out this form and you’ll be added to the queue for publishing approval. Depending on the amount of content you’re already creating, you can be accepted quickly, sometimes in just a few days as happened to John McTigue and Brianne Rush here.

Once you’re accepted, you simply click on the pencil icon on the status update bar from your LinkedIn homepage to write your posts:

From there, treat your published posts on LinkedIn like you would the educational content on your own company blog. Just remember to follow LinkedIn Publishing policies so you can get the most out of your content efforts. 

The Inbound Marketing Agency as a Change Agent

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

Back in 1979, the Romantics came out with the now-classic tune "What I Like About You." I heard that song on an Austin radio station the other day, and it made me think about our customers. Don't ask me why; it just did. What do they like most about Kuno Creative? Then I engaged in a conversation started by David Weinhaus in the HubSpot Partners Forum on LinkedIn about convincing customers to participate more in inbound marketing, especially in creating content. Hmmm, the wheels started to spin.

LinkedIn Marketing: The Lead-Driving Opportunity You're Missing

Lisa Gulasy
Posted by Lisa Gulasy

In March, HubSpot clued the social media marketing world in on a rather unknown, yet very big development: Facebook had updated its Page Terms to allow calls-to-action (CTAs) in cover photos. The change presented marketers with the opportunity to reap even more benefit from Facebook marketing. (Want an example? See Kuno’s current Facebook cover photo below!)

5 Reasons Content Marketers Shouldn't Ignore LinkedIn

Brianne Carlon Rush
Posted by Brianne Carlon Rush

With so many social channels, it is difficult to keep up with them all. So, you’ve done your due diligence where necessary: scheduling tweets a few times a day, posting something witty on Facebook and completing your profile on LinkedIn. But if you are simply using LinkedIn for your personal professional gain, your brand is missing out on a major opportunity to extend its reach and attract new customers.


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