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Finding a Balance Between Content Marketing Quality and Quantity

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

Let's face it. We want our cake and we want to eat it now. We can see the benefits of writing at least five blog posts per week (higher traffic and leads), but when we outsource them to "blog farms," we see a decline in readership and shares. How do we find a good balance between quality and quantity that sustains our growth without diluting our content "product"? Here are some things to think about.

Is Your Target Audience for Inbound Marketing Out of Whack?

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

Sometimes I feel like we're preaching to the wrong choir. I think these folks are into country and western, and we're pushing Beethoven. To use some worn out marketing-speak, our message isn't aligned with our target personas, and our content is driving the wrong leads to our marketing automation system. We're using the right tactics, but we are reaching the wrong people.

Learning to Become a Lean Inbound Marketing Agency

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

We are currently working with several lean manufacturing companies, and we are inspired to learn about how they became "lean" in order to transform our own business practices. You don't often hear about "lean marketing agencies." In fact, the traditional Mad Men type of marketing agency was built around excess and glamor, not efficiency and process. But this is 2012, and we all have reason to rethink our strategies. So we are transforming ourselves...


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