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Announcing HubSpot’s Newest Offerings: CRM and Sidekick

Posted by Andrew Osegi

We at Kuno Creative have some exciting news to share from HubSpot’s INBOUND Conference. Today, HubSpot CEO and Co-founder Brian Halligan announced the latest update to the HubSpot repertoire: a newly integrated CRM tool. This, along with new marketing features and a revamping of Signals, now called Sidekick, is an exciting step forward for all HubSpot users.

Kuno Creative Awarded HubSpot’s Happiest Clients Award for Third Year

Posted by Brianne Carlon Rush

The Kuno Creative team is proud and honored to be the third-time recipient of HubSpot’s Happiest Clients Award. Kuno also received the award in its inaugural year, 2012, and again in 2013.

Based on the traditional Chinese idea of chi, which is translated to “life force,” HubSpot developed the Customer Happiness Index (CHI) equation for determining the likeliness of long-term success with inbound marketing. The bottom line—when inbound marketing efforts increase, so does the likelihood for success. In fact, companies with high CHI scores often experience lifts in traffic, leads and renewal rates.

Content Marketing vs Inbound Marketing: An Epic Bout?

Posted by John McTigue

How to Achieve HubSpot’s Contextual Marketing Certification

Posted by Dan Romanski

SaaS Marketing Examples: Rapid Growth Company

Posted by John McTigue

At some point between startup and market domination, there's a wild and wooly ride coming for successful SaaS companies. Once you get past David Skok's "cash flow trough," that scary place before your company reaches break-even territory, it's time to put the peddle to the metal. Why? Because rapid growth is the name of the game. You must capture market share quickly or die trying, bearing in mind you must also continuously reduce customer acquisition costs, reduce churn and maximize customer lifetime value. Whew! Yeah, a lot of companies die trying, but some flourish. My favorite example? HubSpot.

Spotlight: Transitioning to HubSpot for Social Media Marketing

Posted by Andrew Osegi

Social media management has two sides. Fundamentally, it's about community engagement, brand identity and transparent conversation. But when we flip the coin, most companies need hard proof social positively impacts their bottom line. For most small companies or stagnant brands, the ROI of social media is notoriously gray—post a few updates and hope for the best—but there is software out there dedicated to providing the data to prove long-term ROI. This is one of the areas where HubSpot intends to grow.

HubSpot Blog Subscribe Checkbox Checks Out

Posted by Zakir Ghazi

In my previous post, I explored the ability to add a blog subscribe checkbox feature to any new HubSpot COS form. This recent feature promised to give blogs that extra reach they were looking for and create another way to keep the conversation with a lead going after he or she fills out a form.

HubSpot Blog Subscribe Checkbox Tactic Easily Increases Leads

Posted by Zakir Ghazi

Forms are a vital part of your inbound marketing efforts. They capture the necessary information you need to meet and nurture consumers who are interested in your brand.

My Takeaways from Inbound 2013

Posted by John McTigue

I've been to a lot of conferences, and it's often difficult to go home with a central theme or takeaway that survives the parties and networking. That's not the case this year at HubSpot's Inbound 2013. The message is so palpable, it sticks to you like pine sap.