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Facebook News Feed Update: Killing Click-Bait

Posted by Andrew Osegi

Facebook "Emotional Contagion" Study: Findings and Implications

Posted by Andrew Osegi

On June 17, Facebook data scientists, in accordance with Cornell University and the University of California, published a study via the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) to reveal an intriguing find regarding Facebook user behavior:

Using Facebook for B2B Healthcare Marketing: 5 Top Tips

Posted by Guest Blogger

Facebook has become one of the most popular tools for marketing to consumers, and healthcare is no exception. In fact, a recent DC Interactive Group survey showed that 26 percent of all hospitals in the U.S. use Facebook and other social sites to reach potential patients. What many marketers don't realize, however, is Facebook can also be an excellent tool to help B2B healthcare companies reach hospitals, independent physicians, nursing facilities and other client businesses.

How Facebook Cover Photos Enhance Your Marketing Message

Posted by Guest Blogger

You may not realize the impact your Facebook cover photos have. However, they are an important part of getting your marketing message out in a visual way. To get it right, details for photo size and setup are important. Specs for the Facebook cover photo are 849 pixels wide and 313 pixels tall. And remember to leave space in the bottom left corner where your profile picture will overlap.

For B2B Brands Trying To Reach People On Facebook, It’s Complicated

Posted by Dan Stasiewski

Managing Social Accounts for a City-Wide Event or Festival

Posted by Andrew Osegi

Beyond the Call-to-Action: 4 Options for Landing Page Promotion

Posted by Jenny Traster

As inbound marketers, we understand half the battle in getting qualified leads to convert on landing page forms is creating the right content for the buyer persona. The other half of the battle comes once the landing page is published on the website and is typically asked in the form of the following question:

4 Tips for Measuring Your Social Media Results

Posted by Guest Blogger

Marketers are putting a lot of time, money and effort into social media campaigns on sites like Facebook and Twitter. And while these campaigns typically aren't nearly as expensive as conventional advertising, you can still accrue some pretty big costs, especially when juxtaposed against the bottom line. Unfortunately, not every brand out there will operate a successful social campaign. Even some brands with many page likes and followers are putting in far more than they're getting out.

Get Inspired! 101 Examples of Creative Facebook Content

Posted by Lisa Gulasy

According to Facebook’s latest quarterly earnings, the social network has reached 1.15 billion (that’s billion with a “B”) monthly active users and 699 million daily active users. And while those numbers are hotly contested around the web, you’ve got to admit: that’s a lot of people.