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5 Ways Lead Nurturing Campaigns are Similar to Gardening

Posted by Dan Romanski

It’s that time of year again: The birds are chirping, the sun is shining bright and it is time to start preparing your garden beds for the upcoming growing season. Gardeners put a lot of care into their work so they can produce a healthy harvest. When it comes to marketing, shouldn’t we put the same amount of care into our lead nurturing campaigns?

4 Ways to Test Your Email Marketing Beyond the Subject Line

Posted by Shannon Barnes

As marketers, we understand the importance of A/B testing, especially with our email communications. Testing allows us to make decisions based on concrete data rather than gut instincts. But due to time constraints or limited resources, some marketers skip testing all together or limit their testing to just the subject line. According to the 2011 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey, 72 percent of marketers test the phrasing or length of the subject line while only 39 percent test the time of day.

10 Ways to Build Your Inbound Marketing Email List from Scratch

Posted by Chad Pollitt

Every once in a while we here at Kuno take on a new client with no existing email list.  It’s a marketing challenge to say the least when you don’t have a large reservoir of emails to promote campaigns too.  Not only that, but those email addresses represent an opportunity for "out of the gate" lead nurturing.  You know, slowly nurturing the prospect via email down the inbound marketing funnel by offering unique problem solving content.  Building an email marketing list from scratch is a challenge, but with the right plan in place it can quickly be overcome.

5 Inbound Marketing Steps to Lasso 100 New B2B Leads per Month

Posted by Chad Pollitt

No one is saying that inbound marketing is as easy as five simple steps.  In fact, there are countless books and blogs written about each of the steps below.  You could spend a lifetime reading each of these books too.  Just remember, inbound marketing is a marathon and not a sprint.  Overtime you will develop a mastery of the below and reap the benefits for your business.

25 Tweeple to Follow Who Will Make You a Better Inbound Marketer

Posted by Chad Pollitt

Over the last couple of years I’ve been fortunate enough to develop a lot of wonderful reciprocating relationships on Twitter while staying on the cutting edge of inbound marketing by absorbing knowledge and great content from lots of people.  The below list could contain hundreds of people, but I’m not in the business of writing 10,000 word blog posts.  In some ways, you could consider this post a glorified Follow Friday.  The people listed below love to engage on Twitter, are experts in their field, and if you choose to follow and engage with them will undoubtedly make your inbound marketing efforts more successful.  

How Will Facebook Messages Impact Brand Marketing?

Posted by John McTigue

Place a marker on your calendar for 11/15/10, the date that Facebook entered the e-mail arena with its Messages platform. While still in beta for a few thousand members, Messages will ultimately offer competition to Google Gmail and who knows what after that? The big deal about Messages is that you can e-mail along with texting and chat with your community of Facebook friends, and it's going to be much harder for spammers (and other marketers) to reach you. Sounds like something everyone has been wanting for decades. Assuming that Facebook Messages becomes wildly popular (and it's hard to argue against), there are lots of implications for users and brand marketers.

Top 10 Quotes - If Glengarry Glen Ross Were About Internet Marketing

Posted by Chad Pollitt

I started my career in Internet marketing in a unique way – sales. That’s right, I went from website sales professional years ago to Director of Social Media and Search Marketing today. What a ride it’s been too! You can learn a lot in sales and the first thing I learned was that Glengarry Glen Ross is the best sales movie EVER! If you haven’t seen this movie I highly recommend you get it ASAP.  For those that have seen the movie – I present to you the top 10 quotes from Glengarry Glen Ross if it were about Internet marketing.

How to Slow the Flow of Facebook Marketing Spam

Posted by John McTigue

It wasn't a problem when I had 100 friends on Facebook, people I really knew from High School, College or Work. I rarely got spammy e-mails from those folks, because very few were marketers. Now, it's a different story. I'm an active inbound marketer trying to expand my reach in social media, not to practice spam myself, but to post valuable content and links that will ultimately attract folks to our blog and website. I've grown my Facebook friend base by over 500% in recent months, but now I'm paying the price. Literally hundreds of exciting new offers and events (that I couldn't care less about) come barreling into my inbox every night. Time for some action on my part.

Time to Change Internet Marketing Horses?

Posted by John McTigue

Many business owners think (or have been told) that Internet Marketing is a more cost effective use of their marketing budget than more traditional print or media advertising. It's not that simple.