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What if Great Poets and Prophets Had Been Chief Marketing Officers?

Stephanie Kapera Hawkins
Posted by Stephanie Kapera Hawkins

I’ve been known to enjoy a good inspirational quote from time to time. Who doesn’t, really? We all like hearing words that shed light on areas of darkness so we can forge ahead on our paths. Recently, while reading a particularly great quote, I got to thinking about whether we, as marketers, could apply the great thinkers’ words of wisdom to our lead gen and sales enablement efforts. Do Gandhi’s speeches translate into actionable advice about enhancing the customer experience? Could Wordsworth’s poetry guide our content strategies? Might Mark Twain’s witticisms offer a fresh perspective on form conversions?

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: January 27,2013

Lisa Gulasy
Posted by Lisa Gulasy

This week's big story comes from the world of politics. President Barack Obama delivered his second inagural address Monday, January 21, 2013, becoming only the second U.S. President in history to take the oath of office four times. The inaguration signals to many CMOs that it's time to buckle down to face what will likely be their toughest challenges of the year. See what those challenges are as well as a review of everything else from the minds of our inbound marketing bloggers this week below.


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