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What Do PPC, SEO and Content Marketing Have In Common? Keywords

keywords ppc seo content marketing

Keywords are the glue that bind most online services together. Finding the right keywords is directly tied to the core of your success online, and, if it is done incorrectly, your whole marketing campaign could go flop! Here, we discuss three parts of your marketing campaign that need extra focus on keywords and how to keep your efforts from backfiring. 

Enterprise Inbound Marketing Process: Demand Generation


Digital marketing started with demand generation. Marketers found this new frontier called the Internet in the late 1990s and before long learned how to harness it for brand awareness, facilitating discovery and supporting sales. First out of the gate was SEO, a method to elevate your brand to the first page of the many search engines that first appeared, such as Excite, Yahoo and DMOZ. Then came paid search advertising in the early 2000s. Now we have a wide variety of digital channels to choose from, including blogs, social media, video, podcasts, SMS text and websites, not to mention the new hybrid Web TV's. With this explosion in bandwidth has come a torrent of content, to the point that consumers have become far more selective in their choice of content and delivery channels. Which begs the question, "What's the best approach to demand generation now?"

Is the Press Release Worth Your Inbound Marketing Time and Money?

are press releases worth it seo

A few of us at the Kuno office recently had a conversation about the worth of a press release distributed over a commercial newswire. As inbound marketers, we had been using press releases as just one of the many ways to build visibility for client websites (as well as our own) and build legitimate backlinks. But did the tactic actually work anymore? Is it still worth the time (several hours) and cost (a few hundred to a few thousand dollars)? And what is the actual ROI?

SEO: What Is Google AuthorRank & Why You Should Plan For It Right Now

authorrank google

By now, it's commonly accepted that blogging is one of the most important ways to generate traffic on your website. Google algorithm changes have made it necessary to create quality content frequently and consistently in order to compete in the new world of SEO. But as happens often these days, things are changing once again. This time, it's not just the content that matters, though. With Google's AuthorRank, you matter, too.

How Google's SSL Impacts Branded vs. Non-branded Search

googles ssl impact

The past week, I’ve been working a report analyzing keywords, traffic and conversions, and while researching the topic, I came across a good, straightforward piece by Will Uppington at bloomreach.  He describes the differences between navigational and non-navigational traffic, or branded and non-branded. 

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: October 7, 2012

social media humor

We've visited some familiar inbound marketing topics this week, including content marketing, SEO, strategy, generating leads and KPIS, but we have strived to shine a whole new light on them. You can find out how content can help increase search visibility, how to succeed in inbound marketing by learning from the best in the business and so much more! So read on to find out how these well-known topics are new again. Enjoy! 

How Content Influences Personalized Search - and SEO Rank

google personalized search

I don't often blog about SEO because I'm not an expert, but I do understand the big picture. The fact is, if your content isn't good, relevant and shared widely, your chances of showing up in a search are greatly diminished. Many of our clients still think that if you optimize your pages carefully with keywords, you have a good chance of ranking on page #1 of Google or Bing. Well, it's true that if you don't optimize your content for strategic keywords, you hurt your chances of being found via search. But there's a lot more to the story these days. Here are some key roles that your content plays in determining your search visibility.

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: July 29, 2012

inbound marketing july 29

As promised, we are expanding our Inbound Marketing Week in Review to include some of the best articles found across the Internet as a whole. You will still find all the best blogs from Kuno here, but we have included other news that we think you should know about. In the future, send us your favorite articles of the week and you may just see them here! 

Infographics as Link Bait May Soon Provide Diminishing SEO Returns

Matt Cutts of Google

Just a few weeks ago Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting interviewed Google’s Matt Cutts about what makes a quality website. The interview primarily centered on SEO and delved into link building, brand building, link profiles, content differentiation, Panda, Penguin and others. However, what really caught our attention over here in the Kuno labs was Matt’s comment about infographics.

Don’t Let the Advanced, in Advanced Content, Scare You

advanced content equation

Whenever the word ‘advanced’ is uttered, thoughts of complex algorithms may suddenly come to mind, and advanced content is no different. However, you don’t need a degree from MIT to take advantage of this content to attract more visitors to your website.

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