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How to Really Use Google+ for Inbound Marketing

Google  for inbound marketing

Since it came on the scene in 2011, Google+ has been used as a social media platform, identity service and SEO tool by its 540 million users. Despite such a large audience, Google+ hasn’t taken off the way other sites have. That may be changing, though.

5 Reasons Why Newbie Bloggers Need To Be On Google+

google plus 8

Why do you need to profile your business on Google+? Well, for one, Google is the most popular search engine around. So, it only makes sense that Google+ users get more online exposure than other writers. This increases your chances of getting targeted blog visitors from organic searches through Google.

Why Websites and Search Are So Yesterday

play in the time based wordstream with content marketing

In a recent Wired article, David Gelernter argues that websites, search engines and computers, as we know them, are going away and are being replaced by streams of information. Think about the difference between say, your website (as awesome as it is), and an app like Flipboard or Twitter on your iPad. Your website is pretty static, right?

5 Reasons to Quit Ignoring Google+

google plus for inbound marketing

I’m with John. I can’t say I’ve spent a ton of time exploring Google+, at least not as much as I’ve spent on other social platforms. Like other inbound marketers, I clambered for the elusive invitation to check out Google’s shiny new social network despite my skepticism given Google’s past forays into the social space until I finally scored one from a complete stranger.

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: August 12, 2012

august inbound marketing week in review

Kuno Creative is always transitioning and always striving to be the best inbound marketing agency in the world. We love documenting our journey, including our successes, along the way. Check out how we did with our top-of-the-funnel content for Cimation. And don’t forget to check out why TOFU content is so important these days and how A/B testing can really help your website out. Plus, we have got some of our favorite articles from around the web again, so check those out, too. And please read our modern guide to grammar, we are trying to change the world! OK more like the Internet, but it’s still a challenge. Read on!

Is Google Plus a Giant Flop or an Opportunity?

is google plus a giant failure

I'll admit, I don't use Google+ much at all. To me, it's the equivalent of having another email inbox to deal with, another social network that you must update daily or die. Many people agree with me, but many think I'm missing the boat entirely. TechRepublic did a poll recently, and 55% said that G+ is "doomed to imminent failure" while 45% disagreed. There are some heavy hitters out there like Robert Scoble and Chris Brogan who think the Google social network is the bees knees. So what's a neophyte to do—jump on the bandwagon or politely decline? Since it's another election year, let's take a fair and balanced look at the issues (NOT!).

2012 Will Divide SEO Practitioners Into Two Camps

Two Types of SEOs

A lot has changed this year in SEO. Google's algorithm has always had changes, but this year ushered in perhaps some of the biggest and most important changes that will segment SEO professionals right down the middle. This isn't about the old white hat versus black hat division either. This post will fundamentally redefine what a 2012 SEO professional should look like while identifying the cause of the division. So, what is causing SEOs to be divided into two camps?

Google Plus – A Facebook Killer? Try Getting Past MySpace First. . .

Google Plus Dominated

Perhaps the hottest conversation going on right now in inbound marketing is Google’s newest foray into social media – Google+. There is certainly no shortage of blog commentary and excitement in the blogosphere either. Some of the biggest names in the internet marketing business like Chris Brogan are jumping on the Google+ bandwagon by evangelizing this new platform and its recent inclusion of brands. His Google+ book is expected to be released soon.

Why Only 3 Major Social Media Platforms Can Thrive at One Time

Social Media Penguins

Some people aren’t aware, but there are actually thousands of social media websites out there in the vastness of the Internet. The large majority of which are mostly unknown in marketing and media circles and will probably remain that way into the future. Not only are 99% of social media websites virtually unknown, they will probably never experience mass adoption like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The #1 Google+ Page Must-do for Website SEO

Google Plus Social Media Platform

The social media world is buzzing with the much anticipated release of Google+ Pages for businesses. Blog posts and chatter are popping up all over the internet. This isn’t a post about how to set up a page or even why you should, but rather how to leverage a Google+ page for website SEO. Aside from the obvious SEO tactics like completing the profile, uploading images and video, building circles and communities, syndicating valuable contact, and encouraging social interaction and signals, Google offers up what they call Google+ Direct Connect.

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